Drew Lennox Our Story

Having started our journey in the world of leather at the same time as smartphones hit the mainstream, our fascination and love for the tone, textures, touch and smell of one of the most evocative of materials- real, 100% genuine leather- has grown and grown.

Part of this journey- whilst looking for the best colours, grains, softness and finishes for our customers- was the realisation that the use and availability of great British leather had dramatically declined from its heyday when it led the world.

Further investigation confirmed the enormous fall in the number of tanneries (far, far more members of the British public now live in converted tanneries or on the site of such former buildings than currently work in the industry) but also identified that those that remain are still at the forefront of the business and able to supply world class leather hides and skins in a complete kaleidoscope of colours and finishes.

Empowered by this realisation that we could hand pick in England the shades that we felt our customers aspired too we have spent two years creating our first collection of Mens Wallets, a Womens combination Clutch Bag, Wallet and Purse, Credit Card Holders- both large and small, unique iPhone Back Covers and sumptuous iPhone Wallet Cases, all made from hand selected British leather.

However, our aspirations did not stop at the use great British materials – to survive and hopefully prosper in a highly competitive market we also realised that our branding had to be distinctive and powerful enough to become instantly recognised everywhere.

With our Drew Lennox patterns and logo- used in a variety of styles and finishes across our range – we believe that we have succeeded.

We hope that you do as well and will become proud ambassadors for Drew Lennox wherever you travel.