The "Always" Sumptuous British Genuine Leather iPhone SE 5 5S Wallet Case & Folio in Natura Caramelo Brown

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For many of us in today’s world one’s iPhone SE 5 5S is one’s life. Not only do we communicate with it but we also book tickets, plot routes, research holidays, keep in contact with friends and pay bills with it. It is our life.

That said, the analogue world cannot, as yet, be escaped and it is still necessary to carry cash, ID and credit cards as well as keep receipts and tickets.

We are therefore faced with an important decision- how do we store and look after all these items?

Do we keep

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo our phone separate from our wallet or card holder thereby having 2 critical things to watch over?


         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo  do we store everything in one place and guard it carefully?

For those who find it easier to just look after one important object we have designed the Always, in this intance for the iPhone SE 5 5S in Caramelo Brown. 

Blending great British Leather with great British Design we have created a Slim combination Wallet, Credit Card Holder and iPhone 5S case that

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo looks great & will make you proud to use

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo slips easily into your jeans or jacket pocket

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo avoids card corruption by doing away with a conventional magnetic closing tab due to its elegant side retaining flap

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo offers 2 Card Slots and a Concealed Note, Receipt & Ticket Pocket

Also available in a range of matching colours is our combination Wallet and Purse with Wristlet- the Ready.


Features list:

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Genuine hand selected, Soft, Welfare Friendly, British leather in Caramelo Brown with Brushed Steel Drew Lennox Button Logo

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo 2 Credit Card Holder Slots

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Concealed Cash, Tickets & Receipt Pocket

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Matching ALL Leather Phone holder - no plastic hear!

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Access to all controls, ports and camera



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Postage and Packing:



Outside & Inner Leather:

Full Grain British Leather which has been finished to naturally repel moisture and perspiration without any change in the comfort or longevity of the product. The tanning process increases the water repellent properties of the leather by limiting water uptake whilst allowing the leather to breathe.

This allows the user to maintain optimum grip and softness of touch over the life of the wallet. Where ordinary leathers would become hard and brittle over time the Drew Lennox wallets will retain their softness and feel throughout their lives even as the lovely patina of loved leather develops the character of the product over the years.


Phone Holder:

No plastic holder on the Always- just crafted leather keeping your iPhone in place.


          Height:        127 mm

          Width:         Open-          147 mm       Closed- 70 mm

          Depth:         15 mm

          Weight:       46 g


Product Care

Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, leave to dry, then apply a small amount of leather wax with a soft cloth



Would like to present an Always Slim Line iPhone SE 5 5S Wallet Case to a loved one as a Christmas or Birthday gift?

Make it even more unique and personalised for the woman or man in your life by adding their initials, name or even a crest to the wallet.

Options include classic, silver foil or gold foil embossing.

The Always Premium British Genuine ALL Leather iPhone SE iPhone 5S iPhone 5 Wallet Case, Folio and Credit Card Holder combines the visual appeal of our contemporary Drew Lennox branding with a slim design that can enables you to keep guard on your life critical items- your phone, ID and cards all in one place. This example is in Caramelo Brown with Brushed Steel Logo.