Limited Edition! The "Assured" Luxury Embossed Slim Profile Genuine British Leather iPhone 7 Back Cover Case in Mountain Bear Plush Purple

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Another great Drew Lennox design utilising hand selected genuine and soft British Leather, in this instance a Mountain Bear Plush Purple Back Cover Case created to enhance and compliment the sleek iPhone 7 profile.

To keep the phone and its cover as slim as possible whilst giving great protection we have moulded a variety of our soft English leathers with our embossed pattern onto a strong, resilient, colour matching iPhone holder to create a stunning fusion of premium, luxurious leather and modern technology.

The texture of our English leather, boosted by the Drew Lennox pattern, helps users keep a firm hold of the phone whilst the variety of colours aids finding it in your handbag or on your desk.

With this back cover case you can truly be Assured that your phone is in the safest of hands and is sheathed in the most fashionable attire.

Features list:

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Low Profile, Slim and Thin iPhone 7 Purple British Genuine Leather Back Cover Case that fits snugly without adding bulk

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Full & Easy Access to all ports and controls with wide camera aperture.

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Invisible Raised surround to help protect your iPhone 7 screen

         Drew Lennox British Leather Accessories bullet logo Available in Bosco Charcoal Black and a range of Limited Edition colourways with a range of matching accessories.



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Postage and Packing:

                      FREE, TRACKED, SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.

Limited Editions:

A range of Limited Edition Assured iPhone Back Cover Cases is currently available in a selection of Exclusive colours, grains and finishes.

We are planning to continually add to this range when we find English Leathers in colours and textures that inspire us.

Outside Leather:

Full Grain British Leather which has been finished to naturally repel moisture and perspiration without any change in the comfort or longevity of the product. The tanning process increases the water repellent properties of the leather by limiting water uptake whilst allowing the leather to breath.

This allows the user to maintain optimum grip and softness of touch over the life of the wallet. Where ordinary leathers would become hard and brittle over time the Drew Lennox wallets will retain their softness and feel throughout their lives even as the lovely patina of loved leather develops the character of the product over the years.

Phone Holder:

Colour matched strong holder to make sure that it’s the case and cover that takes the impact, not your iPhone.



          Height:        140 mm

          Width:         69 mm

          Depth:         12 mm

          Weight:        22 g


Product Care

Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth, leave to dry, then apply a small amount of leather wax with a soft cloth

Created to enhance and compliment the sleek iPhone 7 profile, the slim Assured Back Cover Case combines the Luxury of Hand Selected Great British Leather with Drew Lennox's stylish modern design. The Ultimate Technology Fashion Accessory available in a range of Hand Selected Colors, Textures and Finishes LIMITED EDITION- Under 50 Assured Models In Mountain Bear Plush Purple Leather & Finish Have Been Produced and No More Will or Can Be Made The Stock of this Leather Having Now Been Exhausted. Hand Selected Great British Leather + Great British Design = One of the most Luxurious iPhone 7 Covers available today.